New Nintendo eShop releases: Sonic Lost World DLC, Dr. Mario, Clu Clu Land

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New Nintendo eShop releases: Sonic Lost World DLC, Dr. Mario, Clu Clu Land

March has been a busy month for gaming, and clearly the Nintendo eShop is all tuckered out and in need of a rest ahead of next month's Game Boy Advance rush. This week is so quiet that arguably the headline new release is the Zelda-themed DLC speeding towards Sonic: Lost World, and you can find more about that by heading over here.

Outside of that, the re-release of Dr. Mario provides absolute confirmation the Year of Luigi is over and normal Mario-based service is resumed. The NES color-matching pill-dropper comes to the Wii U this week, while underwater gold-grabber Clu Clu Land is bound for the 3DS Virtual Console.

Our favorite release of the week, however, has to be the simply titled I am an Air Traffic Controller Airport Hero Hawaii. "Let's try air traffic control in an atmosphere of a summer resort," its trailer cheerily exclaims, where we'll find "SEA," "SUN," and, er,"SQUALL." We're assuming that refers to sudden rises in wind speed and not the mostly mute misanthrope from Final Fantasy 8, although we'd very much like the 3DS game to prove us wrong.

If the new releases are a bit of a wash, Ubisoft's sale might tempt you back to some older ones. The publisher has select games discounted until 8.59AM PT/5.59AM ET on March 31, including Joystiq faves like Rayman Legends, down from $40 to 28, and ZombiU, half-off at $30. The full list of Ubisoftened prices can be found here.
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