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Must See HDTV for the week of March 31st: HIMYM finale, Game of Thrones, Final Four

Richard Lawler, @Rjcc
March 31, 2014

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March Madness comes to an end this weekend, but it's the perfect time for the return of one of our favorite series, HBO's Game of Thrones. It's joined Sunday night by the premiere of Mike Judge's new comedy Silicon Valley, and Turn, a new Revolutionary War spy drama from AMC. This is also the week we finally say goodbye to How I Met Your Mother, and Anchorman 2 arrives on Blu-ray. Check after the break for trailers plus our weekly listing of what to look out for in TV, Blu-ray and gaming.

Blu-ray, Streaming movies & Games

  • Anchorman 2: the Legend Continues
  • 47 Ronin (3D)
  • The Pirate Fairy
  • Fargo (remastered)
  • Dragon Ball Z (S3)
  • MLB 14: The Show (PS3)
  • Goat Simulator (PC)
  • The Elder Scrolls Online (PC)
  • Halo: Spartan Assault (PC - Steam)


  • Dancing with the Stars, ABC, 8PM
  • Bones, Fox, 8PM
  • Bitten, Syfy, 8PM
  • How I Met Your Mother (series finale), CBS, 8PM
  • Star-Crossed, CW, 8PM
  • The Voice, NBC, 8PM
  • WWE Raw, USA, 8PM
  • Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall, HBO, 9PM
  • Friends with Better Lives (series premiere), CBS, 9PM
  • The Following, Fox, 9PM
  • The Tomorrow People, The CW, 9PM
  • Dallas, TNT, 9PM
  • Being Human, Syfy, 9PM
  • Mike & Molly, CBS, 9PM
  • Mom, CBS, 9:30PM
  • The University of Sing Sing, HBO, 9:45PM
  • House of Food (series premiere), MTV, 10PM
  • Bates Motel, A&E, 10PM
  • Archer, FX, 10PM
  • Intelligence (season finale), CBS, 10PM
  • Lost Girl, Syfy, 10PM
  • Chozen (spring finale), FX, 10:30PM
  • Inside Comedy, Showtime, 11PM


  • Glee, Fox, 8PM
  • Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ABC, 8PM
  • The Voice, NBC, 8PM
  • Rockets/Nets, TNT, 8PM
  • NCIS, CBS, 8PM
  • The Story of the Jews with Simon Schama, PBC, 8PM
  • Flyers/Blues, NBC Sports Network, 8PM
  • The Mindy Project (spring premiere), Fox, 9PM
  • From Dusk Till Dawn, El Rey Network, 9PM
  • About a Boy, NBC, 9PM
  • Face Off, Syfy, 9PM
  • The Goldbergs, ABC, 9PM
  • NCIS: LA, CBS, 9PM
  • Twisted (season finale), ABC Family, 9PM
  • Growing Up Fisher, NBC, 9:30PM
  • Trophy Wife, ABC, 9:30PM
  • The Listener (season premiere), ION, 10PM
  • Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge, Syfy, 10PM
  • Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, BBC America, 10PM
  • Clash of the Ozarks (season finale), Discovery, 10PM
  • Game of Arms, AMC, 10PM
  • Mind Games, ABC, 10PM
  • The Profit, CNBC, 10PM
  • Person of Interest, CBS, 10PM
  • Justified, FX, 10PM
  • Tosh.0, Comedy Central, 10PM
  • Cougar Town (season finale), TBS, 10PM
  • Inside Amy Schumer (season premiere), Comedy Central, 10:30PM
  • Trail Blazers/Lakers, TNT, 10:30PM
  • Are You The One? Reunion, MTV, 10:30PM


  • Arrow, CW, 8PM
  • Survivor, CBS, 8PM
  • Melissa & Joey, ABC Family, 8PM
  • American Idol, Fox, 8PM
  • The Middle, ABC, 8PM
  • WWE Main Event, ION, 8PM
  • Bruins/Red Wings, NBC Sports Network, 8PM
  • Suburgatory, ABC, 8:30PM
  • Baby Daddy, ABC Family, 8:30PM
  • The 100, CW, 9PM
  • Modern Family, ABC, 9PM
  • Mixology, ABC, 9:30PM
  • Psych After Show, USA, 10PM
  • Doll & Em (season finale), HBO, 10PM
  • The Americans, FX, 10PM
  • Legit, FXX, 10PM
  • Workaholics, Comedy Central, 10PM
  • Nashville, ABC, 10PM
  • The Real World, MTV, 10PM
  • Chicago PD, NBC, 10PM
  • CSI, CBS, 10PM
  • Triptank (series premiere), Comedy Central, 10:30PM
  • Deal With It, TBS, 10:30PM
  • Ali G: Rezurection, FXX, 10:30PM


  • Once Upon A Time in Wonderland (series finale), ABC, 8PM
  • Community, NBC, 8PM
  • The Big Bang Theory, CBS, 8PM
  • Spurs/Thunder, TNT, 8PM
  • Parks & Recreation, NBC, 8:30PM
  • The Millers, CBS, 8:30PM
  • American Idol, Fox, 9PM
  • Saint George, FX, 9PM
  • Suits, USA, 9PM
  • Grey's Anatomy, ABC, 9PM
  • Reign, CW, 9PM
  • Two and a Half Men, CBS, 9PM
  • Hollywood Game Night, NBC, 9PM
  • Surviving Jack, Fox, 9:30PM
  • Anger Management, FX, 9:30PM
  • The Crazy Ones, CBS, 9:30PM
  • Review with Forrest Macneil, Comedy Central, 10PM
  • Portlandia, IFC, 10PM
  • Scandal, ABC, 10PM
  • Vikings, History, 10PM
  • Parenthood, NBC, 10PM
  • Sirens, USA, 10PM
  • Mavericks/Clippers, TNT, 10:30PM


  • Turbo Fast, Netflix
  • Unforgettable (spring premiere), CBS, 8PM
  • WWE SmackDown, Syfy, 8PM
  • Last Man Standing, ABC, 8PM
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway?, CW, 8PM
  • Rake, Fox, 8PM
  • The Neighbors, ABC, 8:30PM
  • Hart of Dixie, CW, 9PM
  • Enlisted, Fox, 9PM
  • Bellator MMA Live, Spike TV, 9PM
  • Raising Hope (series finale), Fox, 9PM
  • Shark Tank, ABC, 9PM
  • Bruce Springsteen's High Hopes, HBO, 9:30PM
  • Continuum (season premiere), Syfy, 10PM
  • Game of Stones (season finale), Discovery, 10PM
  • Hannibal, NBC, 10PM
  • Vice, HBO, 11PM


  • NCAA Basketball Tournament Final Four, TBS, 6:09PM
  • NCAA Basketball Tournament Final Four, TBS, 8:49PM
  • The Trials of Cate McCall, Lifetime, 8PM
  • Ripper Street, BBC America, 9PM
  • Da Vinci's Demons, Starz, 9PM
  • Saturday Night Live: Anna Kendrick/Pharrell, NBC, 11:30PM


  • NASCAR Sprint Cup Series @ Texas Motor Speedway, Fox, 2:30PM
  • Bob's Burgers, Fox, 7PM
  • American Dad, Fox, 7:30PM
  • Giants/Dodgers, ESPN, 8PM
  • The Simpsons, Fox, 8PM
  • Once Upon a Time, ABC, 8PM
  • The 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards, CBS, 8PM
  • Family Guy, Fox, 8:30PM
  • Game of Thrones (season premiere), HBO, 9PM
  • Mr. Selfridge, PBS, 9PM
  • Overhaulin, Velocity, 9PM
  • Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, Fox, 9PM
  • Naked & Afraid, Discovery, 9PM
  • Believe, NBC, 9PM
  • Resurrection, ABC, 9PM
  • Shameless (season finale), Showtime, 9PM
  • Turn (series premiere), AMC, 9PM
  • Silicon Valley (series premiere), HBO, 10PM
  • Patton Oswalt: Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time, Comedy Central, 10PM
  • Crisis, NBC, 10PM
  • House of Lies (season finale), Showtime, 10PM
  • Revenge, ABC, 10PM
  • Veep (season premiere), HBO, 10:30PM
  • Looking, HBO, 10:30PM

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