Football Manager 2014 scores Vita Slim bundle in the UK

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Football Manager 2014 scores Vita Slim bundle in the UK
Football Manager 2014 Classic is getting its own Vita 2000 bundle in the UK, although it's launching a week after the game on April 17 - if you're just after the game, that hits shelves on April 11. There's no word on a price, but the regular Vita Slim price is £180, and going by the box art the FM bundle includes a 4GB memory card in addition to a digital voucher for the game.

If you're in need of some translations, here we go: FM2014 Classic is the latest edition of Sega's soccer/football/sportsball coaching sim, and it's a portable timesink for enthusiasts who think they can do a better job than the real managers (in some cases that's not saying much). As for the Vita 2000, it's the slimmer, lighter version of the Sony handheld, and it's expected to hit North America sometime this spring.
[Image: Sony]
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