Crowdfund Bookie, March 2014: The slide continues

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Crowdfund Bookie, March 2014: The slide continues
The Crowdfund Bookie crunches data from select successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns that ended during the month and produces pretty charts for you to look at.

In case there was any hope that the crowdfunded video game space was on the verge of climbing out of its current slump, the projects that ended in March killed it. Crowdfunding projects during the month raised $991,113 collectively, the second-worst month of funding of the previous ten (January being the lowest that our data provides). A whopping $510,550 was pledged beyond March's funding goals, over half of the total amount raised.

The decreasing trends in the space that began in December carried on through March. For starters, 22 projects received funding, which is just above January's 20 and February's 16 projects. March was also second to January in terms of the lowest number of backers in the last ten months, as just 28,460 people showed up to fund video game projects. To put this in perspective, here are three games that each had more backers than the entire month of March: Mighty No. 9 (67,226), Kingdom Come: Deliverance (35,384) and Massive Chalice (31,774).

The more telling figure is March's average pledge per person amount: $34.82, the lowest of any month since we began tracking crowdfunding data. What's more, two games saw inordinately large averages, Oscar ($175.37) and BasketWars ($366.18). Without those two projects, March would have sported an average pledge of $33.44. By comparison, the average pledge during the winter quarter $44.26 and backers during the previous six months ponied up an average pledge of $47.78. The data here indicates one notion (albeit a dangerously simplified one): People are spending less on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in the video game space these days.

Head past the break to see the month's breakdown by genre and a list of its top five projects.

Action (5): $98,997 (153.35%) by 2,346 people ($42.20 mean average)
Adventure (8): $318,853 (172.89%) by 6,428 people ($49.60 mean average)
Platformer (1): $3,085 (102.83%) by 70 people ($44.07 mean average)
RPG (3): $424,803 (290.96%) by 14,042 people ($30.25 mean average)
Simulation (3): $85,908 (178.98%) by 3,387 people ($25.36 mean average)
Strategy (2): $59,467 (171.98%) by 2,187 people ($27.19 mean average)
  1. Darkest Dungeon by Red Hook Studios - $313,337
  2. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 by King Art Games - $171,593
  3. StarCrawlers by Juggernaut Games - $100,278
  4. Dysfunctional Systems by Dischan Media - $61,441
  5. Galactic Princess by Cecly - $56,711
[Image: Red Hook Studios]
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