Control two totem pieces in Project Totem on Xbox One, 360

Press Play, the Danish studio behind Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, announced its next game today, codenamed Project Totem. Like Max, Project Totem is a colorful platformer, and is currently in development for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Press Play is preparing to launch the game this fall.

The "playful yet precise" game has players guiding two totem pole pieces with one game pad. The gameplay concept comes from two brothers, Asger Strandby (Game Director) and Bo Strandby (Lead Designer), who opted to add local cooperative multiplayer to Project Totem in addition to its single player campaign.

[Image: Press Play]

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A Collaborative Platformer Set to Hit Xbox One and Xbox 360 this Fall

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – April 11, 2014 – Danish development studio Press Play, creators of the critically acclaimed Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, is pleased to announce its brand new title, currently called Project Totem, coming to Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system and Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft later this year.

Project Totem is a playful yet precise platforming game where players control two totem pole pieces with one controller. The initial idea came from brothers Asger Strandby (Game Director) and Bo Strandby (Lead Designer) who wanted to put a distinctive spin on the platform genre. On top of the single player campaign, the game offers a local couch multiplayer mode where players must work closely together to succeed - just the way the two brothers played games in their childhood.

"It is one of those games, where the basic premise is hard to describe, but once you have the controller in your hand, it is so obviously fun that you immediately get it." says Rune Dittmer, Studio Director at Press Play. "So when Asger and Bo showed us the prototype at a party, it was a no-brainer to give them some time to elaborate on the core concept. And now a year later we are proud to announce Press Play's second game for Xbox One."

Project Totem is set for release this fall and will be available for the Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox 360. For more information on Project Totem, follow Press Play on Twitter and Facebook.

Press Play is a multi-award winning game development studio located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 2006 by Rune Dittmer, Ole Teglbjærg, and Mikkel Thorsted, Press Play has created numerous games but is best known for its original IP: Tentacles, Max and the Magic Marker, and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. The Studio currently has several unannounced original IP in development. In 2012, Press Play joined Microsoft Studios in a light-touch acquisition, allowing Press Play to retain full creative control of its projects. As always, Press Play creates original mechanics-driven game experiences for geeks, moms, and other extraordinary people.