Daily Roundup: Windows Phone 8.1 review, Google buys a drone company, and more!

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Daily Roundup: Windows Phone 8.1 review, Google buys a drone company, and more!

You might say the day is never really done in consumer technology news. Your workday, however, hopefully draws to a close at some point. This is the Daily Roundup on Engadget, a quick peek back at the top headlines for the past 24 hours -- all handpicked by the editors here at the site. Click on through the break, and enjoy.

Windows Phone 8.1 review: Microsoft's mobile OS finally feels whole

Microsoft's mobile OS just got a whole lot better. Complete with keyboard swipe gestures, a notification center and Cortana, the virtual assistant, version 8.1 brings Windows Phone into adulthood. What's more, you can download the update today.

T-Mobile is killing overages on all plans starting this June

T-Mobile's continuing its uncarrier revolution by ending all overage fees across the board -- even if you're on a grandfathered plan. Users with heavy data usage will still be throttled, though.

The 'world's smallest' laptop adapter debuts on Kickstarter for $79

See that? That's the world's smallest laptop adapter, and it's available on Kickstarter for just $79. Called the Dart, this charger is four times smaller than its contemporaries and includes a 2.1A USB port.

Google beats Facebook to acquisition of drone maker

Earlier today, Google agreed to buy Titan Aerospace, a solar-powered drone manufacturer that had previously been in talks with Facebook. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company plans to use the high-flying aircraft in collaboration with its Project Loon.

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