Apple renewable energy use grows from 35 to 95 percent in less than 4 years

Victor Agreda Jr
V. Jr|04.21.14

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Victor Agreda Jr
April 21st, 2014
Apple renewable energy use grows from 35 to 95 percent in less than 4 years

apple renewables

As of today, Apple has been able to convert its corporate campuses and data centers to using 95 percent renewable energy sources for their power. According to this great article over at WIRED, in 2010 that number was at 35 percent.

Apple appointed Lisa Jackson, former EPA administrator and once environmental czar for Obama, as its Vice President of Environmental Initiatives not that long ago.

The company has been eager to tell the story of its environmental efforts in a hope that other companies will follow its example. Of course, Apple has the cash and savvy that most companies don't, putting it in a unique position to "think different" when it comes to its energy needs.

The WIRED article is an excellent in-depth look into what Apple is doing to clean up its record on renewables, and the efforts of Jackson to help the tech industry think green as data centers become one of the larger growth areas. Those data centers can require a lot of juice, and its an area where Jackson sees an opportunity to lead innovation.

Today, Apple released a video narrated by CEO Tim Cook that outlines the company's commitment to using renewable energy in its manufacturing and cloud facilities:

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