AT&T hopes to fight Google Fiber with gigabit internet in more cities

AT&T isn't letting Google Fiber's expansion plans go unanswered. The telecom giant has announced that it's looking at bringing its GigaPower internet service to as many as 21 additional big cities and their nearby municipalities. There's some potential for direct competition with Google, as both companies are looking into gigabit access for key urban areas like Atlanta, San Antonio and San Jose. However, it's clear that AT&T is taking some initiative here -- it's also exploring rollouts in Chicago, Los Angeles and other hubs that aren't currently on its rival's roadmap.

With that said, don't start planning a 4K internet video marathon just yet. Like Google, AT&T still wants to discuss its intentions with community leaders. The carrier won't launch in a given area unless it sees that there's enough demand, network infrastructure and "receptive policies," so there's a chance that your town won't make the cut. Even if the expansion only reaches a few cities, though, it's still good news for Americans who've been demanding better data speeds and more competition for years.

[Top image credit: Barta IV, Flickr]

AT&T GigaPower internet expansion plans