From Software acquired by Japanese publisher Kadokawa Corporation

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From Software acquired by Japanese publisher Kadokawa Corporation
Dark Souls and Armored Core developer From Software is to become a subsidiary of Kadokawa Corporation, after the Japanese publisher announced its acquisition of the studio. According to a report by, Kadokawa will conclude the transfer of 80 percent of the company's shares from former shareholder Transcosmos on May 21.

Kadokawa Corp. is best known in Japan for publishing manga for the likes of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Mobile Suit Gundam. However, its Kadokawa Games subsidiary, formed in 2009, is a growing force in the Japanese gaming market. The studio published Suda51 titles Killer is Dead and Lollipop Chainsaw in Japan, and it also has a hand in development, most recently with RPGs Demon Gaze and Natural Doctrine.

In a press release (translated by CVG), Kadokawa Corporation said, "We are planning to expand our position in this business with both Kadokawa Games and From Software. We have planned a series of discussions aimed at cooperation: expanding and developing both companies while taking advantage of their areas of expertise."

As Gematsu notes, the publisher expects From Software and Kadokawa Games to benefit from the move, with the studios sharing expertise and resources to bolster development.

It's too early to tell what the full implications of the acquisition will be for From Software, and for its headline series of Souls games. This time last year, the studio announced more than 2.3 million sales of Dark Souls, and it'll no doubt hope to better that number with the recent release of Dark Souls 2.
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