Skyforge discusses PvP philosophy and world space

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Skyforge discusses PvP philosophy and world space
As promised earlier this month, the team behind Skyforge has answered another round of community questions on the official forums. The highlights?
  • Expect no Oculus Rift or gamepad support at launch.
  • The game will not force players to participate in PvE or PvP. In fact, "with both types of activity you gain the same resources for character development."
  • The optional PvP will have a mild death penalty: "By MMO standards, it is practically non-existent."
  • The gameworld is made up of both large open spaces and small instances. It is not seamless, but it will encourage exploration. At one point during development, "the total area exceeded ​​50 square kilometers."
  • The team is planning large guild battles of "at least 100 players."
  • Flying and crafting are both in. Housing is a maybe: The "gods have their own piece of 'property' and it's larger than a hut."
Community Manager ​Freitag also mentions that the Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment will be monitoring player opinion and metrics during the beta for feedback on planned systems.
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