LG is making a webOS TV range just for John Lewis stores

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Jon Fingas
April 29th, 2014
LG is making a webOS TV range just for John Lewis stores

John Lewis is a big fan of cornering retail exclusives on gadgets, and it now appears that this love is extending to smart TVs. Pocket-lint has noticed that the department store chain is teasing the JL9000 series, a line of self-branded, LG-designed webOS TVs that should be more than just a rehashes of the sets we saw at CES this year. The 49-, 55- and 60-inch models will all include stands with built-in 2.1-channel soundbars, giving you decent (if likely unremarkable) audio out of the box. There's also promises of support for local streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and Now TV, although we'd frankly be surprised if these didn't appear on a UK-specific set.

The catalogue only promises that the JL9000 range will be available "next month," so it's not clear exactly when you'll get to swing by the local shop for a look. However, these models will certainly be pricier than garden variety webOS sets. The 49-inch variant will start things off at £1,499, while the 55- and 60-inch editions will respectively cost £1,899 and £2,299 -- apparently, those speakers command quite a premium.

LG's webOS TVs for John Lewis
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