OneNote updates let you start notebooks on iPhone, print on Mac

Microsoft OneNote on an iPhone 5

After lavishing much of its recent attention on Excel, PowerPoint and Word, Microsoft is ready to show OneNote some more love. The company has unveiled a big redesign of its iPhone app that brings simpler navigation and, at long last, the ability to create new notebooks and sections on OneDrive; you no longer have to start jotting down ideas on another device. Upgrading also brings Office Lens (already on the iPad) for digitizing real-world documents, and it's easier to start a quick note if you're in a hurry.

The Mac software is getting some much-needed attention, too. You can finally print hard copies and drag-and-drop photos. If you copy text, it's much easier to preserve the original formatting. Both the iPhone and Mac updates are already available in their respective App Stores, so there's no reason to hesitate if you use OneNote to keep your ideas in order on either platform.