Humble Weekly: Mark of the Ninja, King Arthur's Gold

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Humble Weekly: Mark of the Ninja, King Arthur's Gold
Stretch out your clicking fingers and get ready for some mad platforming action in the latest Humble Weekly Sale. Available for the week for any price you want are Shank 2, Blocks That Matter and Bit.Trip Runner. For $6 or more, grab Runner 2, Megabyte Punch and Fly'n. Add in King Arthur's Gold and Mark of the Ninja: Special Edition for $10 or more.

All of these games individually would run $119. They're all either DRM-free downloads or on Steam, except for Fly'n, which is Steam only.

As always, split your payment among the developers, Humble itself or charity, in whichever percentage breakdown you desire. Charities this time around are the American Red Cross and Child's Play.

This week, Humble launched a new way for you to get your cheap-game fix with Humble Daily Bundles. Today, May 15, grab The Banner Saga, an artwork pack and The Banner Saga: Factions for $15 or more. Humble will run new daily bundles through May 26.
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