15-Year-Old inventor shows off iPhone-powered Steth IO stethoscope to Jimmy Fallon

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Kelly Hodgkins
May 16, 2014 10:30 AM
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15-Year-Old inventor shows off iPhone-powered Steth IO stethoscope to Jimmy Fallon

Steth IO

15-year-old CEO Suman Mulumudi, along with his father and cardiologist Mahesh Mulumudi, have developed a working stethoscope that is powered by your iPhone or Android smartphone.

The iPhone fits into a case with a diaphragm -- similar to that on a regular stethoscope -- that captures the sounds of a beating heart. The sound is routed through a channel that directs it to the iPhone's microphone. An associated app can then record the heartbeat sounds and display the individual heartbeats on the smartphone's display.

Mulumudi recently showcased the Steth IO on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as part of the show's "Fallonventions" segment, which is sponsored by GE and used to showcase young inventors.

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Mulumudi and his father are developing this stethoscope, along with LesionSizer, a device that reduces unnecessary stents in angioplasty, as part of a startup company called StratoScientific. StratoScientific recently won first place at the recent WTIA Spring First Look Forum, beating out 14 other startups.

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