Patch 5.4.8 introduces Heart of the Valorous

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|05.16.14

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In addition to the Valor Point changes mentioned earlier this week, the patch 5.4.8 PTR has enabled a passive buff called Heart of the Valorous. Heart of the Valorous appears to be baseline, applied to all players upon login, and increases Valor Point accrual by 100%. Every point of valor you earn will be doubled. That includes the new Deeds of Valor, increasing its value to 200 Valor Point per 3,000 Timeless Coins.

Wowhead reports that Heart of the Valorous stacks with Valor of the Ancients. With both buffs active, a daily quest that normally awards 5 Valor Points yields 12 Valor Points instead.
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