Weekends with Engadget: Surface Pro 3 review, Samsung VR headsets and more!

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Weekends with Engadget: Surface Pro 3 review, Samsung VR headsets and more!

Head past the break to find some of the top stories from the past week!

Surface Pro 3 review: Has Microsoft finally made a tablet to replace your laptop?

Microsoft surprised us by announcing the Surface Pro 3. We got to spend some quality time with the device and shared impressions in our review. Can this laptop / tablet hybrid take on the latest and greatest tablets and computers from Apple, Lenovo and others?

Samsung is making a VR headset for its phones and tablets

According to sources within Samsung, not only is the company working on a virtual reality headset, it expects to announce it this year. Between Samsung's future headset, Sony's Project Morpheus and Facebook's Oculus Rift, this is shaping up to be an exiting year for VR hopefuls.


The concept of net neutrality is simple, however, its implications are enormous. Read on as our own Ben Gilbert breaks down the arguments behind an open internet and dissects how ISP regulation could affect you.

Google ads could be coming to thermostats, refrigerators and car dashboards

A Google filing with the SEC hinted that it's considered displaying ads on a variety of devices that include "refrigerators, car dashboards, thermostats, glasses, and watches." The company has since commented on the issue, saying that, "Nest, which we acquired after this filing was made, does not have an ads-based model and has never had any such plans."

A week with Leica's T, the most beautiful mirrorless camera money can buy

What's it like shooting with the latest camera from Leica? It's pure bliss! Machined from a solid block of aluminum, this camera is a work of art. However, if you want to join the club, you'll need to fork over nearly $2,000. Is it worth it? Find out.

eBay asks all users to change their passwords following cyberattack

eBay looks like it's the latest company to suffer a security breach after it alerted users that an attack had "compromised a database containing encrypted passwords and other non-financial data." Change those passwords, stat!


Just after releasing his posthumous record called Xscape, Michael Jackson made a holographic appearance at the Billboard Music Awards. And yes, there was moonwalking.

Microsoft wants its new pen to be a big part of the Surface Pro 3

During the Surface event, Microsoft placed a lot of focus on their new pen, emphasizing that theirs is meant to mimic a real, ink-based pen and isn't yet another stylus.

The real-life hacking behind Watch Dogs' virtual world

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs is finally going to be released next week. How realistic is its portrayal of the world of hacking and cyber-espionage? To make it as real as possible (while keeping gameplay fun), the publisher consulted with digital security firm Kaspersky Labs.

What you need to know about vaporizers

Smoking's a tough habit to break, but there's a number of products available to help cope with nicotine addiction. One way that's grown exceedingly popular in recent years is vaping. Our own Sean Cooper takes a closer look at the world of vaporizers and the questions surrounding the technology.

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