Apple improves iOS OS X integration with iMessage, Hotspot, and sharing upgrades

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John-Michael Bond
June 2nd, 2014
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Apple improves iOS OS X integration with iMessage, Hotspot, and sharing upgrades

It just got a lot harder to say you missed a phone call thanks to Apple. At the WWDC 2014 keynote, Craig Federighi announced a few major changes to the way iOS integrates with OS X. First off you can now use your iOS device remotely from your OS X device. This includes SMS messaging and phone calls. You will be able to see every incoming text, iMessage or not.

Your phone calls can be sent to your iPhone and your Mac at the same time. If your phone is charging across the house, that doesn't matter, you'll still see the notification and be able to answer the call from your computer. If you see a phone number in Safari, you can initiate the call on your Mac and send it to your iPhone. You no longer have to use Skype to make phone calls from your computer.

Mobile Hotspots are also being made easier. Your Mac can be set to auto-enable hotspot Internet connections to your iOS device.

Finally, Macs are getting iOS-to-Mac handoff features that allow users to jump from working on a document on one device to another seamlessly. Say you're writing an email in iOS and you switch to your Mac. Now you'll be able to click on an icon within your Mac mail and continue writing right where you left off.

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