'Battlefield: Hardline' is an insane version of cops and robbers, beta launches today

Who hasn't played cops and robbers at some point in their life? That's what Battlefield: Hardline is. Matches can handle 32 players and the portion of the match we saw at EA's press conference resembled classic heist flick Heat's climactic bank robbery, but the craziness is amped up dramatically. Player-controlled helicopters can swoop in to take out the robbers, cranes knock down building facades, and players can drop off of bridges and onto the back of a teammate's speeding motorcycle. Granted, this was a prepared video that cut around from perspective to perspective of multiple players, but it looked more chaotic than any match of Battlefield 4 that I've seen. Even better, if you want to play it right now, a beta launches today on PC and PlayStation 4. If you have a copy of Battlefield 4 on PS4 you can access the test-version via the dashboard of Sony's latest console. Need something to do while it downloads? Take a peek at gameplay video after the break.

Image provided by Brad Molen.