Motorola doubles the Moto X's storage and lets you try one for a penny

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Steve Dent
June 9, 2014 7:21 AM
Motorola doubles the Moto X's storage and lets you try one for a penny

Motorola has just released a 64GB version of its customizable Moto X handset, and is extra keen to get one in your hands. It just launched a promotion that will allow you to put a nominal $.01 deposit down on that or any Moto X model, and customize it using Moto Maker. It'll then ship it out, and once you've had a look you can either pay for it (the new 64GB version is $450) or send it back, with no hard feelings or strings attached. The cynical among us may say that it's anxious to unload stock as a result of its acquisition by Lenovo and the resulting Texas plant closure, though Motorola says otherwise. Either way, it seems sure that you won't be able to resist a Moto X of your own design once it's in your hands. We don't disagree -- but for that price, we're also tempted by other options.

Update: It's too late for the penny promotion, sorry folks! After barely getting started, Motorola now says it has already sold all the Moto X handsets allotted for the try-then-buy deal.

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