Amazon stops taking movie pre-orders in pricing battle with Warner Bros.

Amazon's quest for better deals and cheaper prices has seen it squeeze publishers, but it isn't limiting itself to just books. The New York Times reports that the retailer is refusing to list DVD and Blu-ray pre-orders for upcoming launch of many Warner Home Video movies. We're not talking small releases either: The Lego Movie, 300: Rise of an Empire and Winter's Tale are just three titles launching in the coming days that Amazon lists but isn't allowing customers to order. Last month, the company admitted it was limiting orders for new Hachette books, including JK Rowling's forthcoming release The Silkworm, in an attempt to gain cheaper pricing for e-books. Now it's stuck stalemate with suppliers that are unwilling to acquiesce to its demands -- a risky situation that is already pushing some Amazon customers to shop elsewhere.