Warlords of Draenor Alpha: Work orders

Matthew Rossi
M. Rossi|06.11.14

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Warlords of Draenor Alpha: Work orders
If you played Mists of Pandaria you probably know about the work order. Introduced to the farm as part of a reputation gaining system, it's been expanded for the garrison in Warlords of Draenor, and it allows you to use various buildings to create items. In the above SS, I used the Alchemy Lab to combine two reagents gathered from random bag drops - Blackrock ore and Frostweed - to complete the work order. After a day, a crate spawns in the Alchemy Lab which you can loot and gain what you made.

At present it seems randomized - I couldn't tell you what I just made. But it definitely seems to be a way to make use of reagents without having the alchemy skill - or other skills, if talking about other buildings like the Engineering, Enchanting or Scribe ones.
The work orders also interact as quests - letting you gain materials for your garrison by completing them. This means that as you unlock more and more buildings (and there's a limit to how many you could have unlocked, although that may change as you progress with your garrison, so you probably can't just stack profession labs) you can potentially use this method to grow your garrison further.

The work order process is definitely expanded from its role as a means to gain reputation on the farm - it's a fundamental part of the process for growing and using your garrison. Definitely looking forward to seeing how it is used going forward - you can expand how much you produce over time, which definitely seems like a useful feature. (Those locked slots in the original screenshot are all capacity upgrades, unlocked by expanding the lab or building a storehouse.)

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