Battlefield Hardline's PC beta now available 'instantly'

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Battlefield Hardline's PC beta now available 'instantly'
PC owners are now able to gain "instant access" to the beta version of Battlefield Hardline just by signing up on the game's official site. The beta phase arrived earlier this month on PC and PS4, but sign-ups were previously on a first-come, first-serve basis. Those that were previously on the outside of the "Police Line, Do Not Cross" tape now have free reign to live out their policing fantasies in the early version of the game on PC.

Signing up for the beta also grants players a few free perks when the game launches in full on October 21. Those include a weapon camo/skin, weapon sight, dog tag for Battlefield 4 (available next month) and as-yet-unknown "additional Battlefield Hardline content." Additionally, both PC and PS4 players that reach rank 10 will receive a special Battlepack at the game's launch as well as $1,000 of in-game cash by enabling Facebook sharing. For those still on the fence about Hardline, be sure to check out our video preview of the game.
[Image: EA]
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