Twitch tuned in 12 million viewers during E3 week

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Alexander Sliwinski
June 18, 2014 9:00 AM
Twitch tuned in 12 million viewers during E3 week
Twitch enjoyed some outstanding viewership numbers during last week's E3, setting sitewide viewership records thanks to the press conference streams by Microsoft, PlayStation, EA and Ubisoft. According to the company, it had 12 million unique viewers during the four days of E3, with 5.9 million unique viewers on Monday's press conference day.

"By helping our partners get the most value out of their E3 presence with our centralized platform and our partnership with the ESA, the numbers illustrated it was a resounding success," said Twitch VP of Marketing Matthew DiPietro. "As a result, we were able to offer our global community a front row seat to all of the best content from the show."

Not to be outdone by Twitch, we can confirm at least 50 people, maybe even a few dozen of you, showed up for our liveblogs of the show. Like, we think that's super swell and totally appreciate it. You're the best, y'all.
[Image: Twitch]
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Twitch tuned in 12 million viewers during E3 week