Feedback Loop: It's Google all the way down!

This week's edition of Feedback Loop is nearly all Google. We dish on Android "L," debate whether smartwatches are even useful, wonder if Android TV will save smart televisions, fondly remember our friend Aereo and talk about the games we've picked up during Steam's Summer Sale. Head past the break to talk about all this and more with Engadget readers like you.

Let's talk about Android 'L'

Google showed off a preview of its new mobile operating system, Android L. With a new, unified design language, deeper ties into web applications and new ways to manage things like battery life, it's a pretty exciting time to be an Android user. Have you had a chance to install "L" yet? Head over to the Engadget Forums and share your impressions!

Legitimate uses for smartwatches

One of the big things Google pushed during this year's Google I/O was its Android Wear initiative, which encompasses everything from fitness trackers to smartwatches. With so many major hardware manufacturers making wearables, this prompted us to ask: What are some legitimate uses for smartwatches?

Will Android TV make smart televisions actually usable?

Nearly every HDTV on the market today has some sort of "smart" feature built in. This includes things like YouTube, Netflix and ESPN apps. The problem? These embedded features are often slow, clunky and never updated. This is why some of us are pretty excited about Android TV. What does Google's latest attempt at conquering our living room mean for the future of TV?

Aereo deemed illegal by the US Supreme Court

Speaking of television, earlier in the week the United States Supreme Court ruled that Aereo was in violation of the 1976 Copyright Act, forcing the service to shut down. It's a disappointing decision for those of us who've wanted to see a viable competitor to traditional cable television cartels companies. Sadly, this looks like the end of Aereo as we know it. Do you think the Supreme Court made the right decision?

Get anything good during Steam's Summer Sale?

Steam's annual Summer Sale wraps up soon. There's a ridiculous number of great games that can be yours for super cheap! It's something we find ourselves getting excited about each year. Have you picked up anything good? Or maybe you're looking to meet some new people to do battle with? Head over to the Engadget forums and share which games you've added to your library (but probably won't play).

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