Fox News defends Columbia with BioShock Infinite-style logo

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Fox News defends Columbia with BioShock Infinite-style logo
Usually we'd leave the media commentary to Jon Stewart, but The Daily Show is on summer vacation this week, so here we go – Fox News used a logo for its "Defending the Homeland" segment that looks eerily similar to the name plate for BioShock Infinite, right down to the stars.

The joke, of course, lies in the fact that BioShock Infinite and its overly patriotic imagery is a play on supremacists with money, power and religious zeal building a pristine city in the clouds that ends up feeding on ignorance and hate – a kind of story that Fox News would report with smiles on their faces and Pilgrim Rocket tickets in their hands.

BioShock creator Ken Levine addressed the logo on Facebook and Twitter, first saying, "Glad to help, Fox. Glad to help." He responded to a copyright question with a simple, "It's irony." Besides, filing a copyright claim against Fox would begin a long, tedious legal battle, and really, who needs the justice system?

See a side-by-side logo comparison below.
[Image: News Corp]

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