Forza Horizon 2 features Kinect-enabled assistant called ANNA

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Forza Horizon 2 features Kinect-enabled assistant called ANNA
Road trips are a blast if you've got someone to talk to, but not everyone can just drop their life for weeks at time to attend driving festivals. You're an exception to that rule in Forza Horizon 2, but Turn 10 Studios Creative Director Ralph Fulton shared some good news with Examiner: Horizon 2 drivers will have a companion in a Kinect-supplemented AI partner called ANNA, which means the prime passenger seat real estate is open for a kickin' snack buffet.

While ANNA probably won't keep your meal upright in hairpin turns, Fulton explained that she acts like a digital, navigation-savvy assistant. She'll suggest events to try, let you know when friends sign on and supply a recap when you slip back into the driver's seat. Sounds like ANNA will help you keep your eyes on the road then! When your view isn't darting between the windshield and your passenger side smorgasbord, that is.
[Image: Microsoft Studios]
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