'From Masher to Master' offers Street Fighter crash course

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'From Masher to Master' offers Street Fighter crash course
Hoping to attract a few new faces to the growing fighting game community, author Patrick Miller has debuted "From Masher to Master," a simple, easy to understand guide for anyone hoping to pick up the basics of Street Fighter.

The 131-page tome, which can be downloaded at no charge from Shoryuken, features strategic basics, general game theory and a combo primer, alongside screenshots and helpful illustrations. Unlike most Street Fighter guides, Miller does an excellent job avoiding jargon, and where it's necessary, he often includes a sidebar explaining the term's meaning and origins. There's not enough here to earn a completely green player a spot at the next EVO tournament, but Miller presents a solid primer on how to go from bewildered to passably competent.

Once you've absorbed his book, Miller also offers advice on where to go from there. The final page of "From Masher To Master" includes a handy list of articles, books and YouTube videos designed to improve high-level Street Fighter play - a handy inclusion for those who burn through Miller's book in an afternoon.
[Image: Capcom]
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