This is what Samsung's virtual reality headset, Gear VR, looks like

Wondering what Samsung's virtual reality headset looks like? Well stop wondering, because when it's announced at IFA 2014 later this year, it'll look something like what you see above. That's a render straight from Samsung, care of SamMobile. Our sources confirm that, while what they've seen isn't exactly like what's pictured above, it's very similar; we're guessing the render is a closer approximation to the retail model than the developer kits currently in the wild. Keep in mind Samsung still hasn't even teased the headset we detailed last month across two reports.

It remains a peripheral: You'll use it in conjunction with your phone, which plugs in via USB and acts as your screen. The hardware is built by Samsung; the software by Oculus VR -- the folks behind the incredibly impressive Oculus Rift.

Beyond the image seen above, SamMobile also says the headset will be showcased at IFA 2014 in early September. Moreover, it's named -- fittingly -- "Gear VR," like Samsung's other wearable line. The image highlights another feature we're first hearing about today: a touchpad along the right side, similar to the controls seen on Google Glass. Presumably this will help solve the issue of interaction within the headset's Oculus VR-built software, which was handled by nodding last we heard.

The report also states that Samsung will make the headset's software development kit available shortly after it's announced, just ahead of Oculus VR's first-ever dev conference. Imagine that! We wouldn't be shocked to hear that every developer at Oculus Connect walks away with a free Gear VR headset, primed for development. For now, however, the Gear VR is both widely-known, yet still officially unconfirmed by Samsung itself. But if it weren't clear enough, this thing is happening, and it's happening soon.