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Hunted Cow releases Eldevin 1.16, desktop client

Jef Reahard
July 10, 2014

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Hunted Cow wants you to know that its Eldevin MMORPG is no longer exclusively browser-based. The firm's latest update features a desktop client along with new systems like story mode dungeons. The 1.16 patch also "lays down some preparatory work" for Eldevin's hardware rendering engine, which Hunted Cow says will improve graphics, frame rates, and overall performance in "a few weeks' time."

The game will also be launching on Steam, and the full 1.16 notes are embedded after the break.

[Source: Hunted Cow press release]

Eldevin 1.16 patch notes

Desktop Client Now Available
The downloadable client is now officially released for the following platforms:
  • Windows (64 bit)
  • Windows (32 bit)
  • Mac OSX
  • Linux
Players can now use their social accounts (Facebook / Twitter / Google / Steam) to log into the game using the downloadable client.

Note : This version doesn't include the hardware rendering however it's been designed to automatically patch to this when it's ready in a few weeks time.Click here to get the client now.

Update Notes
  • Added a new Solo Dungeon mode - currently available for 'The Boondocks' and 'The Vault'.
  • 4 New Weekly Quests have been added to the 'Bochdaen Tombs'
  • The quest requirements for entering 'The Vault' have been removed.
  • World Boss kills are now tracked in a stat.
  • All obelisk buffs now persist through death.
  • Crafted food is no longer on sale in the Golden Tankard.
  • All seeds are now split-able.
  • The abilities panel has been revamped to allow future expansion.
  • Added a vanity chest to the Eldevin Shop that will store only vanity items.
  • Gathering and Crafting Boosters have been replaced with Skill Boosters in the Eldevin Shop that benefit both parts of profession experience gain.
Bug Fixes
  • Players will no longer get stuck in combat with the Wraith Snake.
  • Fixed an issue with Decisive Blows sometimes granting incorrect critical values for Ruin and Bane.
  • Fixed an issue where Gaoler Brin would go aggressive but remain un-attackable.
  • Fixed an issue with Talents that generate bonus threat not always combining values together correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with Warm Touch not always healing for correct value.
  • Fixed an issue where Rested Experience was being granted slower than expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ohdar Rokfoot were not contributing to the Ohdar Rokfoot kills stat.
  • The vanity Infernal Guard Pants have had their type corrected from Vanity Feet to Vanity Legs.
  • Fixed settings not saving on non-Windows machines. NOTE: The first time you login it won't load your old settings. Things affected are email/session/bag positions.
  • Fixed a typo where the LFG queue would display the wrong error message.
Next Patch (approx 16th July)

We're looking to add mounts to the game, players will be able to learn to ride from a trainer in Eldevin City for a gold cost. Mounts will be bought, looted or earned via achievements. We're planning to release some images of them over the coming days.

We're also planning on adding new rare items to many loot tables throughout the game that will feature multi-class stats (i.e. swords with sorcery based stats). These items will be completely randomly generated rather than just the bonus stats like the current world boss loot.

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