Are we there yet? A century of the smartwatch in pictures

Sarah Silbert
S. Silbert|07.11.14

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Are we there yet? A century of the smartwatch in pictures

With two Google-powered smartwatches currently on sale, and the circular Moto 360 already causing a stir among design geeks, wearables are one step closer to securing a place on our wrists. And while many of us aren't ready to strap on a Gear Live, G Watch or Pebble just yet, that doesn't mean the smartwatch is a new concept. In fact, depending on your definition of "smart," these gadgets have been fusing time-telling with extra functionality since the early 20th century. From wrist-borne spy cams to radio-controlled timepieces, here's a look at this wearable's evolution.

Gallery: A century of the smartwatch in pictures | 12 Photos

  • Ticka Watch Camera (1905)
  • Pulsar P1 (1972)
  • Seiko Data-2000 (1983)
  • Penny's watch on Inspector Gadget (1983)
  • Junghans Mega 1 (1990)
  • Microsoft SPOT (2004)
  • Pebble (2012)
  • Qualcomm Toq (2013)
  • Android Wear (2014)
  • Apple iWatch (?)
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