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Propellerhead's Take is a supercharged memo recorder for iPhone

Propellerhead's Take is a supercharged memo recorder for iPhone
Matt Tinsley
Matt Tinsley|@mTinsleyMusic|July 12, 2014 11:30 AM

Take Creative Vocal Recorder is a free iPhone voice recorder, designed by the fantastic Propellerhead, creators of great music-making apps like Reason and Figure.

Thousands of musicians around the world use the iPhone's Voice Memos app to instantly and easily capture moments of creative inspiration. However, the app is limited to just a single take, with limited editing features -- perhaps that's its strength. Nevertheless, Propellherhead's Take capitalizes on those ideas, with an app that's just as easy to instantly grab and start recording, but with a few supercharged features.

Take gives you three tracks to record on, so if you get a great idea down, it's really easy to build on that idea right there and then, adding a harmony and perhaps a second instrument part. Each track also has volume levels and a simple reverb effect.

Previously I've laid down a catchy idea on the Voice Memos app only to realize my timings been all over the place, meaning it's not a usable guide for a later production. Take adds a simple metronome with adjustable BPM as well as beats and loops to keep you on track and further inspire your ideas. I only wish the metronome had other time signatures. Hopefully we'll see that in a later update.

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Finally, just like on the Voice Memos app, Take makes it really easy to share your ideas with friends and colleagues via email, Facebook and Twitter.

One important thing to note is that Take works best with headphones. If you want to take advantage of Take's metronome or loops and beats, you'll need to plug in headphones, preferably without a built-in mic, so you don't get sound bleeding into your recording and you get the best audio recording from your iPhone's mic.

Check out Take in action in the video below.

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Propellerhead's Take is a supercharged memo recorder for iPhone