Double Action is a shooter dictated by the Rule of Cool

Do you long for the days of bullet-time and John Woo-style spontaneous dove-bustion? Are you a cool guy who doesn't look at explosions? Then friend, you just might be the type of cowboy boots-wearing, name-taking badass suited for Double Action, a game that's all about Newton's First Law of Ass-Kicking: coolness before physics.

Double Action is a multiplayer shooter focused not just on shooting up your opponents, but doing so with the kind of run-and-dive-in-slow-motion style that games like Max Payne popularized in the early '00s. Players choose one of five different styles (Marksman, Athlete, Bouncer, Reflexes and Nitrophiliac) to help them survive checkpoints, capture briefcases full of money and of course, take out the bad guys.

The game was built as a Half-Life 2 mod, and is a spiritual successor to The Specialists, a Half-Life mod created by several of the same architects. The first official release of the game, codenamed "Boogaloo," hit PCs earlier this weekend. If Double Action: Double Harder Boogaloo sounds like your bag, you can download it for free off the official website, or wait until it hits Steam - the game was one of the 50 greenlit this month.

[Image: Lunar Workshop]

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Double Action: Boogaloo Out Now

The most sylish action multiplayer game ever made explodes onto your doorstep today. Load up your duel wielded akimbo pistols and dive through a window in slow motion, slide across a room while bouncing a grenade off some poor sucker's eyeball, back flip away from the explosion off a rooftop and have an epic mid air gun battle on the way down. Whatever you do, make sure you do it with style, because in Double Action the Rule of Cool is king.

The first officially released version of Double Action, codenamed Boogaloo, comes out today. It features nine stylish weapons, four stylish stunts, and daily stylish leaderboards, and it's completely free.

For more information you can watch the trailer and visit our website. You can also find me on Twitter @VinoBS.