Three-part dev diary reveals inspirations behind Far Cry 4

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Three-part dev diary reveals inspirations behind Far Cry 4

In lieu of traditional developer's diaries, Ubisoft and Vice Media have joined forces to create something of a miniature documentary that follows the people behind Far Cry 4 as they visit Nepal.

While not as informative as a proper documentary - dev diaries are marketing materials, after all - the three-part series does shed light on what players might see in Far Cry 4. Along with surveying the geography of the area, the developers focus on local religious customs, the famed Nepalese Gurkha soldiers and the political instability that has plagued the region with violence and strife for most of the past century.

It's unknown what may or may not make it into Far Cry 4 in time for the game's November 18 debut, but for a glimpse at the inspiration behind Far Cry 4 this series of videos is your best bet. The first entry can be found above, while the second and third are below the break.
[Image: Ubisoft]

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