BioWare debuts original 4-on-1 action RPG, Shadow Realms

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BioWare debuts original 4-on-1 action RPG, Shadow Realms
BioWare Austin shared a tease of Shadow Realms, its new IP at EA's Gamescom 2014 presentation. It's a 4 vs. 1 online action RPG arriving on PC next year. Players can manipulate the environment as the above shadow lord, or align with friends against it. Group General Manager Matthew Bromberg explained that Shadow Realms' overarching story will develop "like a great TV series," with each episode being "experienced together, by the community, as it's released."

Bromberg says that Shadow Realms began as a "quest to recapture the feeling" of a D&D table adventure, with parties facing a foe capable of guiding the challenges they're faced with. Those interested in an early, alpha-flavored taste can head to official site to sign up, as the first round of closed testing will happen next month.
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