Maybe it's not Maybelline: Omote paints your face with digital makeup

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Enhancing the world around us with projectors and 3D scanners is nothing new. But what about stylizing yourself? With Omote, you can use face-tracking tech to paint on digital makeup -- or anything imaginable, really. In the demo below, it renders a variety of makeup styles and visual effects (like changing eye color) on a model's face. What's most impressive, though, is that the CGI-like projection reflects her movements in real-time. This doesn't necessarily mean your face-painting days are coming to an end though, ladies. Omote's visual magic is equipment-heavy and limited; the woman in the video below never leaves her seat and doesn't crack so much as a smile. But if you someday find yourself using the technology to virtually try a new shade of foundation, we wouldn't be surprised.