Shadowrun's standalone Dragonfall Director's Cut arrives Sept. 18

Xav de Matos
X. Matos|08.19.14

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Shadowrun's standalone Dragonfall Director's Cut arrives Sept. 18
The standalone, "Director's Cut" version of the Shadowrun Returns DLC Dragonfall will arrive on September 18, developer Harebrained Schemes has revealed.

The updated version of the downloadable content features new missions, music, and improvements to the user interface and combat systems. The Director's Cut also introduces new mechanics, such as an armor system. Because the Director's Cut makes big changes to the core game, characters and save files from the original DLC will not carry over. "Since we reworked and added so much to the Director's Cut, loading a DLC save would cause parts of the game to not make sense - both functionally and narratively speaking," an update on the Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter page noted.

Kickstarter backers of Shadowrun Returns and any players that have purchased the DLC will receive the standalone version for free. Those new to the world of Dragonfall may purchase the standalone Director's Cut, which will replace the DLC version currently available by digital distributors, for $14.99.
[Image: Harebrained Schemes]
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