HotPads helps you search for rental properties

If you are thinking about moving but don't know where to start, HotPads might be just for you. The free app uses your current location to find what rental properties are near you, or you can search any area of the country.

HotPads was recently acquired by Zillow, and now has a lot of new, powerful tech built in. The app lets you compare the rental price for a property to see if it is competitively priced. Street View from Google has been added so you can check out the property and neighborhood, and most listings have multiple photos of the interior and exterior.

Other features in HotPads include a rent vs. buy calculator, and a tap-to-call button to put you in touch with the owner of the property or realtor. You can also search for homes within a particular school district, and see what public transportation options are nearby. The app also hides places you have looked at and are uninterested in, which is pretty handy.

HotPads does not require a signup unless you want to save searches. If you do sign up, your information is not shared with third parties.

Using the app is simple. There are filters you can apply to any search, such as making sure that a listing is recent, finding only listings that have photos, or finding out if dogs or cats are acceptable to the landlord.

HotPads puts a lot of information at your fingertips. The free price is right, and if you are moving to a new apartment or home across town or across the country, HotPads is worth a look. The app requires iOS 6 or later. It's universal, and optimized for the iPhone 5.