RIFT sells digital editions of Nightmare Tide

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|09.04.14

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RIFT sells digital editions of Nightmare Tide
Excitement is bubbling up from the deeps for RIFT's Nightmare Tide, and while the expansion is free for all, Trion Worlds is selling a trio of digital editions with extra goodies.

The Typhoon Edition is $24.99 and features benefits such as dual earring slots, a new bag slot, and planewalker: water attunement (which allows you to equip special gear). The Infusion Edition is $49.99 and includes one instant level 60 character, housing items, a second minion slot, an extra bank vault slot, and a jellyfish pet. And if you want to shell out (no pun intended) $149.99, you'll get all of the above plus a cobalt thresher mount, a 36-slot bag, a Shadow Scion dimension, nightmare cosmetic weapons, an Abyssal Crab combat crab skin, and more.

Trion is also tossing in extra loyalty for those who purchase one of these editions. If you have additional questions about the digital editions, there's a collector's edition FAQ put up just for you!

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