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Feedback Loop: Online security, the Note Edge, fitness trackers and more!

Feedback Loop: Online security, the Note Edge, fitness trackers and more!
Frank Spinillo
Frank Spinillo|@frank_spin|September 6, 2014 6:36 PM

Happy Saturday, and welcome to another edition of Feedback Loop! With all the talk of online data breaches this week, we're discussing ways to better protect your data stored in the cloud. After you're done auditing your passwords, let us know what you think of Samsung's new curved Galaxy Note Edge and find out how much fitness trackers are helping your fellow readers. Make yourself comfy and join us after the break for some in-depth tech talk.

How are you keeping yourself safe online?

In light of the recent iCloud security issue, I'm curious to find out how you protect yourself online. Obviously, strong credentials are the way to go, but are you using password managers? Do you go the extra mile by also enabling two-factor authentication? Come join the discussion and share your tips for staying safe in the cloud.

Who is the Galaxy Note Edge for?

Samsung likes to get a little crazy with mobile devices, and at IFA this week, the Galaxy Note Edge captured everyone's attention. The curved screen has TgD asking just who is the Note Edge made for? Check out Brad's hands-on first, and then head to the forums to share your own theories.

Facebook Messenger: Give in, or say goodbye

Decoupling apps is all the rage right now. Foursquare kicked things off with Swarm and Facebook finally spun out Messenger for good. John isn't thrilled with this move; he doesn't understand why we need multiple apps for a single service. Is this the final straw for Facebook on your phone?

Are fitness trackers improving your health?

Even though fitness analytics are showing up in phones and smartwatches, the dedicated tracker market is still kicking. They're coming in the form of bracelets, watches (the non-smart kind) and more. The age-old question still remains though: Do they actually work? A few of our readers have already shared their success stories, so come join the discussion and let us know if all that data-tracking is working for you.

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