Harmonix Music VR coming to Samsung's Gear VR headset

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Harmonix Music VR coming to Samsung's Gear VR headset
Virtual reality is cool, but how much fun is the hardware if you don't have anything to run on it? Not much is the answer. Hence, it's goods news that Harmonix (of Rock Band, Dance Central and Amplitude fame) are developing software for the Gear VR headset, a recently-announced virtual reality device created by Oculus in partnership with Samsung that uses the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as a display.

According to a blog post from Harmonix, the software is called "Harmonix Music VR," and it functions something like a virtual reality music visualizer. "[Harmonix Music VR] uses Harmonix's proprietary Music Analysis Engine technology to generate a song-specific, high-resolution event sequence that drives the reactive elements in your virtual world," the company writes. "Sit back and relax, taking in the vibrant, musically responsive environment, or explore for even more audio visualizations set to your own tracks."

Harmonix Music VR will launch alongside the Gear VR, but when exactly that will be is currently unknown.
[Image: Samsung/Oculus]
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