Feedback Loop: Kickstarter refunds, Sony A7 impressions, and more!

Get ready for your weekly dose of community goodness from the Engadget forums. The latest edition of Feedback Loop is here. We talk about failed Kickstarter projects and discuss whether or not there should be refunds, dish on Sony's full-frame shooter, share our favorite features of iOS 8, and try to find the best console to play Destiny with our friends. Head past the break to talk about all this and more with your fellow Engadget readers.

Should failed Kickstarter projects offer refunds?

Neal Stephenson's eagerly anticipated sword fighting game, Clang, recently met an untimely demise. It originally started as a Kickstarter project - and while there's no obligation to return backers' hard earned cash, Stephenson said that refunds will be offered to those who ask. Kris wonders whether failed Kickstarter projects should be obligated to provide refunds. Have you been particularly burned by a project that you backed? Would a refund have made things better? Share your own experiences in the Engadget forums.

Quick Impressions of the Sony A7

The Sony A7 is one impressive camera, stuffing a full frame sensor into a fairly lightweight and portable body. Sadly, it's hard to justify the cost to mere mortals who may only have a passing interest of photography. That said, I was lucky enough to take the A7 for a stroll through Southeast Asia. Check out my impressions and let me know if you have any questions about this awesome full frame shooter.

Favorite features of iOS 8

Apple's newest operating system (and phones) are finally here. Have you updated your devices with the latest and greatest? Share you thoughts on the latest addition to the iOS family right here - and make sure you leave a review, too.

Which console is best to play Destiny?

Met wants to spend some quality time with Bungie's recent blockbuster game but needs some advice on which console he should get. Does the Xbox One have any advantage over the PS4? Or should he just get the same console that all his friends have? Head over to the discussion and help him decide.

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