Karma's new hotspot gives you free LTE data when you share your WiFi

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Jon Fingas
September 23rd, 2014
Karma's new hotspot gives you free LTE data when you share your WiFi

Karma's concept of a shareable mobile hotspot is clever -- you not only get data wherever you go, but you get some of it for free if you're kind enough to share with others. The service wasn't very alluring when it was using Sprint's pokey old WiMAX network, however, which is why the company has just unveiled a much-needed LTE hotspot, the Karma Go. You can now hop online (or invite others to do the same) at a far quicker 6-8Mbps typical speed, with much better coverage to boot.

The Go won't be available until December, and it'll start at $149; paid data starts at just under $10 for every gigabyte you need. That initial hardware cost is much higher than the original hotspot's $69, but Karma thinks that the improved connection speed and a few hardware tweaks (such as a standby mode) are worth the outlay. It won't be hard to get a discount, either. You can already get the hotspot for a more reasonable $99 if you pre-order now; existing customers can shell out $75. So long as you don't mind sharing your internet access with others, this is potentially a very affordable way to stay connected when you're away from home.
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