PSN Tuesday: Flockers, FIFA 15, Slender: The Arrival

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Jessica Conditt
September 24th, 2014
PSN Tuesday: Flockers, FIFA 15, Slender: The Arrival
It's time to kick some sheep! FIFA 15 and Team 17's bloody sheep-herding puzzle game, Flockers, are both out on PS4 today, alongside Defense Grid 2 and Castlestorm: Definitive Edition. FIFA 15 is also on PS3 and Vita.

PS3 gets the bulk of today's game dump, with Slender: The Arrival, Ar nosurge: Ode To An Unborn Star, Arcana Heart 3: Lovemax, Resonance of Fate and Wall-E, a PS2 Classic game. Joining FIFA 15 on Vita is Arcana Heart 3: Lovemax and Frozen Synapse Prime. Pre-orders for the PS4 version of Sleeping Dogs are live now as well.

There's a lineup of Assassin's Creed and Borderlands content on sale via PSN this week, including Black Flag for $32.50 on PS4 and Borderlands 2 for $5 on PS3. The PlayStation Blog lists all of the week's fresh games and discounts.
[Image: Team 17]
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