Improve your 10K run time with 10K Forever

10K Forever screenshots

The 10K Forever app is intended for runners who already are able to run a 10K distance or about 6.25 miles. The goal of the app is to take the users through an eight week training program designed to improve their 10K times and overall fitness. This universal app costs US$3.99 and requires iOS 8.0 or later to operate. It is part of a series of apps by Clear Sky Apps for runners. The others are 5K Runner, 10K Runner, and 21K Runner. Each of these apps are set up to take runners first from being a novice to be able to run 5K, then stretching 5K runners out to 10K and finally pushing 10K athletes out to 21K. Those apps are all available through iTunes.

10K Forever works differently. Rather than extending the distances you run during the training program, the app utilizes a special sequence of warm-up, walking, running at normal pace, and fast running to improve your overall speed. The app breaks down the training into eight individual weeks with sessions set for three different days each of the weeks. As you progress in the training program, the times for segments change.

For example in Week 1, Day 1 the program wants you to do a 5 minute warmup followed by a 20 minute run, then a 6 minute walk, and ending with a 12 minute run at a faster pace than normal before ending with a 5 minute cool down. In Week 2, the sequence changes to a 20 minute run, an 8 minute walk and finally a 16 minute faster than normal run. Each segment is accompanied by an audio coach that tells you when to go from a run to a walk and then to a faster run and provides updates as you run like half-way. In the settings you can choose a male or female voice and whether to accompany the voice with distinctive beeps.

10K Forever screenshots

If the audio coach is not enough to motivate you, the app provides motivational quotes and images to assist your efforts. Users can also earn wins and badges plus share your victories via Facebook, Twitter, and email. The company also operates a Facebook page where users can meet others using the program and interact.

10K Forever integrates well with other apps. The developer claims it is compatible with all running GPS apps. Users can also playback their favorite music while running. Users start their favorite music app then 10K Forever and on-screen controls become available for the music app.

10K Forever screenshots

I am not a runner so I wasn't able to actually see if 10K Forever really works. However the principles are sound and fit with other training programs I researched. If you have already stretched out to 10K and want to improve your times, give this app a try.