Rebels aren't taking 'Star Wars: Tiny Death Star' offline -- Disney is

Let's say you're perpetually late to the party and are only just now getting around to checking out Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. Well, sadly your 11-month tardiness isn't doing you any favors here: Disney is pulling the app from both Google Play and the App Store, as spotted by Gamezebo. An anonymous source told the site that Tiny Death Star and Star Wars Assault Team are getting the axe with the intent to retire them and focus on other titles instead. Ian Marsh, co-owner of Death Star developer NimbleBit, revealed to Gamezebo that the delisting is as much a surprise to him as it is to everyone else. Speaking to Pocket Gamer, he said that he hadn't been told of any of this by Disney before it'd happened and that Mickey and Co. likely no longer felt the game was worth the cost of upkeep anymore. Death Star was a "significant source of revenue" for Marsh and his team, which he says makes this sting that much more.

Much like with Flappy Bird earlier this year, should you have the games on your device they'll still remain playable, but won't be updated or available for new players to download soon. It's worth noting that this isn't anything new for Disney: shortly after getting the Star Wars license, Walt's empire halted work on the very promising, internally-developed Lucasfilm next-gen title, Star Wars 1313. As of this writing, Death Star was still on iTunes and the Windows Phone Store -- maybe download while you can and then eBay your device later. Google fans, however, will have to settle for Angry Birds Star Wars.