The Civil War gets steamy in Ironclad Tactics on Android

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The Civil War gets steamy in Ironclad Tactics on Android
Paying attention to our Civil War lectures would have been a lot easier if the phrase "steam-powered robots" had been uttered a single time. Ironclad Tactics risks a few liberties with that chapter of history, and its tactical, card-based take on the United States' bloodiest conflict has now been dealt to tablets running Android OS 4.0 and up as a free download. Despite the presence of micro transactions, players can earn new cards just by playing the game.

Ironclad Tactics' campaign follows Maxwell and Joseph, developers of "ironclad" infantry-esque robots, with the pair both being employed by the United States Navy's Bureau of Steam Engineering. After it's discovered that Confederate forces also have ironclads, Maxwell and Joseph are ordered to help fend them off with their own mechanized arsenal.

Ironclad Tactics will also eventually march onto the PS4, but if you'd rather get started on a larger-than-tablet warfront right away, the $14.99 Steam version drops micro transactions in favor of add-on campaigns on PC, Mac and Linux. Should you still be undecided about a card-focused spin on history, glimpses of gameplay are shown in Ironclad Tactics' PS4 trailer after the break.
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