Alien: Isolation giveaway games and swag can hear you scream

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Alien: Isolation giveaway games and swag can hear you scream
While playing Alien: Isolation, a common pastime around Joystiq these days what with our playthrough of hard mode and our review, one thing is clear: Amanda Ripley does not get chilly thanks to her jacket. She may be hounded by murderous looters, androids, and one gigantic, exoskeletal monstrosity with shiny teeth and a drooling problem, but she is warm out there in space! It's all thanks to her snazzy Weyland-Yutani jacket, the same one sported by her inhuman pal Samuels.

With fall deepening by the day, it would be nice to be that cozy whilst also playing Isolation, wouldn't it? Sure it would! Hence why we're giving away a replica of that jacket as well as three copies of the game!

Between today and October 24, we invite you to enter our giveaway by liking Joystiq on Facebook and following us on Twitter using the Rafflecopter widget below. One grand prize winner will win a copy of Alien: Isolation on a platform of their choice as well as the $200 replica jacket. Two runners up will receive a copy of the game on a platform of their choice, and a third runner up will win a copy of the book The Art of Alien: Isolation.

Follow the jump for a complete prize list and giveaway rules. Also check out the exclusive art from The Art of Alien: Isolation in this gallery.

Joystiq Alien: Isolation Giveaway

Joystiq Alien: Isolation Giveaway Prizes
- 1 Grand Prize including $200 replica jacket and copy of Alien: Isolation.
- 2 copies of Alien: Isolation.
- 1 copy of The Art of Alien: Isolation.

JoySwag Giveaway Rules
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