Lone Survivor director's cut flees to PS4, Wii U this week

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Lone Survivor director's cut flees to PS4, Wii U this week
Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut's mysterious, horrific disease is spreading to PS4 and Wii U this week, developer Curve Studios has announced. Hey, at least they warned us it's coming, right?

PS4 users in the United States will come down with something on October 14, with symptoms spreading to European PS4 users on October 15, and a mutation scheduled to reach Wii U owners on October 16. All versions will run a monetary fever of $9.99, and though the PS4 version is not cross-buy compatible, it "does not include any new features" when compared to the PS3 or Vita versions.

You could always face The Director's Cut's terrors on PC and Mac too, though venturing through its unsettling city will cost you $14.99 on either platform.
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Lone Survivor Infecting Wii U and PS4 Next Week
Keys Available Now!

Hey Everyone,

It's time! We're finally about to release our very first Wii U title, as well as bring one of our most succesful and well known indie titles to the PS4: Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut.

It'll be a busy week!

Here's some of the key information about Lone Survivor:

The game will launch on the 14th (US PS4), 15th (EU PS4) and 16th (Wii U) of October, published by Curve Digital.

The PS4 version of Lone Survivor will not be available as a cross-buy title, however the current price of all versions of Lone Survivor will be reduced to £7.99 / €9.99 / $9.99.

The Wii U version will be available from launch at the above prices.

There is no embargo on coverage for Lone Survivor.

The PS4 version of Lone Survivor does not include any new features from our original PS3 / Vita Director's Cut version.

Requesting a Review Copy

We've got review codes ready for both formats! Due to how many different codes we're dealing with, please use the Curve Digital Key Manager to request a copy of the game for your region and format.

If you need an Australian Wii U code please drop me an email as we only have a few of these available - likewise, please get in touch if you have any technical issues with the key manager.

We should have codes available for our other titles over the next week. As soon as they are available, we'll let you know!

Thanks for your time,

Rob Clarke
Marketing Manager, Curve Digital
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