PlayStation 4's video editing app has a few new clip-splicing tools

Have you or someone you know actually used the PlayStation 4's SHAREFactory app to make fancy-looking highlight reels of gaming exploits? We ask because despite it being out for awhile now, unlike photo-mode images, we still haven't run across any samples aside from those produced by Sony. No matter, because the catch-up king is adding a handful of new features to the video-editing app anyway. In addition to new themes and saturation presets and improved audio quality, among other things, the ability to auto-trim longer clips has been added, too. From the sounds of it, this should be a pretty worthwhile patch for those who prefer to do their video-crafting and tweaking from their console as opposed to using external software. What we're left wondering, however, is when the 2.0 firmware update (the one with Share Play and YouTube exports) for the console itself will finally hit. Maybe we could get application folders and custom themes with it too?