Apple's Greg Joswiak talks about iOS 8.0.1 glitch, Apple Pay and more

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Apple's Greg Joswiak talks about iOS 8.0.1 glitch, Apple Pay and more

Speaking with Walt Mossberg and Ina Fried, Apple VP of iPhone, iPod, and iOS Product marketing Greg Joswiak talked about Apple Pay, the new Apple SIM and the company's botched rollout of iOS 8.0.1. Joswiak was on stage as part of Re/code's Code/Mobile conference.

Joswiak said the issue with iOS 8.0.1 that disabled cellular connectivity and Touch ID on select iPhones was a software distribution error and not a problem with the software itself.

"It had to do with the way the software was being sent over servers. It was the way software was being distributed," Joswiak said. "Whenever you're pushing software and doing some very advanced things, you're going to have some mistakes. What we try to do is very quickly fix them."

The executive noted that Apple responded very quickly to the problem -- pulling the software within one hour following the discovery of the glitch.

In the interview published on Re/Code's site, Joswiak also discusses other pertinent topics including the iPad's new universal SIM card and the competitive marketplace surrounding Apple Pay.

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